"She gave me the tools I needed to make my voice a strong and reliable instrument night after night."


Lead singer of Sixx:A.M. 


Melissa Harding is a multi-faceted singer/songwriter, as well as a Vocal Coach and Stylist based out of Los Angeles, CA. Melissa helps touring vocalists and working performers harness their unique vocal power and learn to sing effortlessly so they can be reliable in the studio and on stage, night after night.

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of American Idol

"I have worked with Melissa consistently since I was 10 years old. She is not just a vocal teacher, she is like a member of the family. She has helped me shape who I want to be as an artist and person. Her guidance and coaching have always made me feel prepared, and her involvement with every major audition and performance has been instrumental in my success. She gives me the tools to sing well and live well." 



Lead Singer of Sixx:A.M.

"Melissa was able to break through the mental and physical walls that I had built over the years of singing improperly. She gave me the tools I needed to make my voice a strong and reliable instrument night after night."



Streaming Artist

"Working with Melissa has been nothing short of amazing. Her method to coaching goes far beyond traditional voice lessons involving redundant exercises and scales. Instead, she really dives into the artistry of the performance to help my live show be as powerful and effective as possible. Her background and expertise in major touring and musical theater makes our time working together even more valuable. Finally, along with being highly professional, working with Melissa has been such a fun experience! She really gets to know her students personally to help them hone their skills. I would highly recommend Melissa to vocalists and performers at any level for real progress through a personalized approach!"

"At 55 years old I have played guitar most of my life but never sang. I discovered Melissa through Sixx:A.M. and her guesting on a podcast. When I learned she gave voice lessons I thought why not... ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I have made. She teaches me exercises, breathing, voice control but in my opinion, most importantly, confidence. She is patient and gets to know you and what you want out of it. Regardless of age, if you have a desire to sing... Melissa will get you to where you want to go." 

- Rich Vandermay

"I have worked with Melissa for about 2 years now and am amazed at her ability to be a stellar professional while still keeping the work fun and encouraging.  I am so thrilled to share that I have been singing for over 30+ years in Musical Theatre, with live bands etc…. I have studied with some of the most incredible vocal instructors in the US but my work with Melissa has provided the quickest results and most lasting impression on my voice.  I can walk into a session with her and not be able to hit a note, feeling confident that I must change the key to a song for me to be able to perform it well.  After working with her for 1 hour, I am not only reaching the notes, I am MASTERING them!  Melissa’s practical input and techniques are helping me grow in ability and in confidence.  I’m hoping to keep her on our “payroll” for years to come!" 

-Gina Stickley

"As a student and performer, I must say that Melissa has not only been a terrific teacher, but also an inspirational figure and mentor, for she has taught me the principles of taking care of yourself in order to remain an elite singer. She has always taught me to master difficult songs by changing the way I think, and treating the music as if it were truly easy, thus creating a sense of optimism when doing so. In almost every aspect, Melissa Harding is one of those rare performing artists/musicians that is inspiring as well as genuine on and off the stage." 

-Cole Wagner

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