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About Melissa

Melissa Harding is a multi-faceted singer/songwriter and vocal coach based out of Los Angeles, CA. A vocal chameleon with 25+ years of performing under her belt, singing has taken Melissa all over the world.

Melissa was a touring back up singer with rock band Sixx:A.M. for many years, providing vocals for both of the bands 2016 albums, "Prayers For the Damned" and "Prayers For the Blessed." She also serves as private vocal coach for lead singer/songwriter/producer James Michael. 


With a background in theater, classical voice, pop techniques and major touring, Melissa helps touring vocalists and working performers harness their unique vocal power and learn to sing effortlessly so they can be reliable in the studio and on stage, night after night. Melissa works privately with a broad range of singers of all styles, providing focused coaching for vocalists working on an extended tour, recording in the studio, preparing for a special performance, or at home developing a healthy vocal routine for long term maintenance. As an active performer, Melissa brings a unique perspective to her students, providing guidance on the day to day life of a singer from an experienced, working singer. She discusses both the physical and mental challenges that vocalists face daily, and provides a safe space to explore and learn, in both private sessions and group classes. More information available in the "Coaching" section.

In February 2022, she released her latest self produced single "Paper Suit,"and is currently in the studio developing a new documentary podcast and album set for release in 2023. 

Melissa continues to perform and gig regularly, so make sure to check back for upcoming performances and tour dates in the "LIVE" section!

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